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2014-02-19 AIRTEC is now launching the cylinder series, SL. SL is similar to the XL series and is available in sizes from Ø32 to Ø100mm.  AIRTEC is also launching the series of electrically operated valves M-04, M-05, M-07 and M-22.

2014-02-19 Kaller has extended their CAD support for Power Line Heavy Duty TX gas springs with TX 750, 1500 and 20000. Power Line Heavy Duty is a crossover between the ISO standard TU and the Powerline X Series.

Tollo Linear
2014-02-19 Tollo Linear is extending their CAD support with new linear actuators, the PC series. The actuators are available in three different sizes 25, 32 and 40. These actuators are designed to be used instead of pneumatic cylinders.

2014-02-19 NSK is launching CAD support for SNN split plummer blocks. Check out their SNN 500 and 600 series.

Ramström Transmission AB
2013-12-17 -Ramström launches CAD support for locking assemblies. There is a wide range of models available for different applications and load ratings.

2013-12-17 - Hjulex is providing CAD support for conveyors and industrial castors and wheels. Now they have released CAD support for directional locks. The directional lock is for assembling on a swivel housing.

2013-12-17 - GS-Bandservice has added two new series of rollers to their product catalogue. MCV is a free roller and is available in several sizes in various lengths and diameters. MRE is available both as a free roller and as a driven roller.

Aero Materiel
2013-12-17 -Telescopic slides by Aero Materiel are now available for download. The telescopic slides are used in engineering and furniture applications for retractable load-carrying surfaces and in cupboards and boxes.

2013-12-12 - Simple, fast and reliable planning processes with the item online tools. Saving time and effort. Thanks to these easy-to-use, convenient and clear online tools, planning, requesting or finding the right product couldn’t be easier.

2013-11-26 - A-tooling now offer an even wider range of tooling components for download and e-commerce. Punches, dies, guide elements, nitrogen springs, die springs, ejector pins, feed controls (FC2) and more.

2013-11-21 - Troax has launched a door configurator to support users in creating customized doors. The configurator lets users select width, height, panel type and locks etc. New panels have also been made available.

SKS Sweden
2013-11-20 - SKS has updated their digital product catalogue with new worm gears, helical gearboxes and electric motors. All their CAD files have also been updated to give better support to their customers.

2013-11-20 - NSK has released CAD support for ball screw support bearings. The support bearings meet the requirements demanded from ball screws to accurately and quickly position a work piece or machine component.

2013-11-20 - Elcom has updated their product catalogue with timing belt conveyors in various sizes and with several options for configuration. They have also extended their line of flatbelt conveyors with new sizes.

2013-09-01 -Fine positioning motors now for download. The linear and rotary piezoelectric motors work in sub-micron/ micro-radian range, are compact in size while still delivering high force output
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