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2015-02-18 Durovis is a manufacturing and trading company, offering a broad range of standard and special springs. Check out their CAD-configurators for compression, tension and torsion springs.

2014-11-28 -Translev sells rod ends for shaft diameters 2-50 mm and thread sizes from M2 to M48, in steel or stainless steel with associated bushings in steel or bronze.

OEM Motor
2014-11-25 - OEM Motor now have a range of standard stepper motors and BLDC motors in NEMA performance in stock! The motors are available in stock for samples and small series.

2014-11-12 Ringab Danly has now launched CAD support for their Danly high precision Camdrive unit. One design, easily adaptable for a wide range of special needs. Versatility and precision by interchangeable internal components.

2014-11-07 - Newest additions to Industrilås catalogue are the Sealed compression latch with raised trigger and the Padlockable quarter-turn latch -18mm – now with available configurator

2014-11-05 - VESTDAVIT H-6000 is a compact designed steel structure H-frame dual point davit, single winch, with Emergency Launching System according to latest SOLAS.

2014-10-22 Mekankomponenter has for over 30 years offered products and technical solutions to Swedish and Norwegian industry. Their CAD catalogue contains for example their Rollvis satellite roller screws.

2014-10-08 NSK’s newest linear guides, the NH and NS series, offer maximum precision combined with extremely high load ratings.

2014-09-25 SUSPA offers you an excellent gas spring program with the “Series16“. All their gas springs are also available in their general liftline configurator, for your special technical requirements.

2014-09-22 item regularly updates the CAD data for all building kit systems. The various modular elements of the MB-building kit systems can be combined in different ways to build machinery, equipment and more. Even entire production lines.

Bengtssons Maskin AB
2014-09-17 Bengtssons Maskin AB has extended their CAD catalogue with LVA and LVD bearing assemblies from Franke GmbH. The LVA and LVD series have housing rings made of steel and integrated bearing elements.

2014-08-22 Simson has extended their CAD catalouge with Single Acting Cylinders, SAS. The cylinders have a capacity from 5 tons (48.5 kN) to 220 tons ( 2156 kN).

2014-07-28 PiezoMotor has added Piezo LEGS Rotary 50 mNm to their product catalogue. The LR50 rotary motor is a direct driven, totally non-magnetic, piezoelectric motor for positioning in the microradian or sub-µrad range.

Easy Conveyors
2014-07-24 Easy Conveyors now offers you CAD support to their Logic ERS Roller Conveyors. The Logic Conveyor modules are used for the transportation of small, light and heavy products normally over short distances.

2014-07-21 Hjulex is providing CAD support for conveyors and industrial castors and wheels. Their CAD catalogue has now been extended with stainless steel castors

2014-07-16 Vestdavit provides CAD support to a wide range of boat handling systems and davits. One is the single point davit – PLAR, with a low weight aluminium construction that enhances mother vessel stability and reduces life time costs.

2014-06-11 KALLER has launched CAD support for Die Separation Gas Springs that range from model sizes DS 3000 to DS 7500. Using Die Separation Gas Springs is an excellent way to avoid unnecessary wear of die, press and gas springs.

2014-06-11 Aluflex now presents CAD support for their MSR-series. The MSR series is their standardized 4-row linear roller guides for applications with extremely high load or very high demands on rigidity, accuracy and life time.

2014-06-11 Reac has extended their CAD support with the actuators RE-1000, RE-1001, RE-3000, RE-3004 and RE-5001. Reac’s actuators are strong, compact and very flexible to install, together with optional intelligent motion control systems.

Hyson has launched CAD support for their new NDS series of Nitrogen Die Separation Gas Springs, NDS-3000 to NDS-7500. Hyson gas springs are highly specified for use in metal stamping dies, injection molds and custom machines.

2014-05-27 Elcom offers a complete freedom of design thanks to a unique range of flat belt conveyors and modular transfer system. Among Elcom"s new products this year you find the conveying unit pushing motor.

2014-05-14 Simson has launched CAD support for their Simson Kompakt Jacks and Simson Kombi Cylinders.

2014-05-14 Rollco now gives you CAD support for a complete system of aluminium profiles in all dimensions from light profiles size 10×20 mm up to stronger profiles size 80×160 mm.

Tollo Linear
2014-05-14 Tollo Linear has now extended their CAD catalogue for linear motion systems with their WHZ units. These Z-axis units are specifically designed for vertical movements.

2014-05-14 CERTEX is now offering CAD support for new grade 12 products, such as safety hooks, load hooks and master links. Products in grade 12 have low weight and 50% higher working load limit (WLL) than grade 8 and 20% higher WLL than grade 10

Ramström Transmission AB
2013-12-17 -Ramström launches CAD support for locking assemblies. There is a wide range of models available for different applications and load ratings.

2013-12-17 - Hjulex is providing CAD support for conveyors and industrial castors and wheels. Now they have released CAD support for directional locks. The directional lock is for assembling on a swivel housing.

2013-12-17 - GS-Bandservice has added two new series of rollers to their product catalogue. MCV is a free roller and is available in several sizes in various lengths and diameters. MRE is available both as a free roller and as a driven roller.

Aero Materiel
2013-12-17 -Telescopic slides by Aero Materiel are now available for download. The telescopic slides are used in engineering and furniture applications for retractable load-carrying surfaces and in cupboards and boxes.
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